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What does it mean to have sex? Well, a lot of things come to mind when that question gets asked. For most, there are three stages – the foreplay, the main event, and the finish. The first stage is pretty self-explanatory. You and your partner perform acts that would make you both “in the zone” and ready for penetration. Things like seducing your partner with sexy clothing for women and displaying your huge penis for men. Both men and women would stimulate each other by stroking, sucking, licking, and kissing. Once they’re both all warmed up, then they’re ready for the next phase. The main event is what sex is all about – the man, having a huge erection down his manhood, enters and penetrates the woman through her wet vagina. Fucking, as it is playfully called, is the act where a man uses his hardened dick to “fuck” a horny woman who desperately needs a piece of meat up her pussy. And the last, but not least – the big finish. Have you ever seen a man ejaculate a few meters away? Well, that’s possible, especially if he enjoyed fucking his girl so much. His sperm would fly away as if it was shot from a canon. It may seem short and simple, but having sex is so much more than that. There are a lot of factors that make up the whole sexual experience, but today, we’ll just be focusing on the most important thing… Porn.